Established in the early 90’s, SUPERSPIN INC. quickly became one of the most respected METAL SPINNING MACHINE distributors in North America, out selling our competitors by leaps and bounds. Thanks to a great product manufactured by Nova Sidera Metal Forming and our wide experience on METAL SPINNING, our customers have adapted to a new way of making spun parts. The art of METAL SPINNING is now down to a science with new powerful control systems and state of the art machine quality.

We have enjoyed an unprecedented success with our RETROFIT installations on METAL SPINNING and FLOW-FORMING MACHINES. RETROFITED MACHINES have become the most reliable machines on the shop floor.

An important element of our success has been our dedication to service the customer, highlighted by the many customers with multiple machines. Our technicians have the most hands-on experience on METAL SPINNING and most importantly instructing hundreds of customers on the safe and economical operation of the machines.
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